Download or Ditch: Anna Kendrick- ‘Cups’

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Darling of the Tumblr world and an all-round fine actress and human being, Anna Kendrick went and became even more adorable when she signed up for the lead in college-based musical ‘Pitch Perfect’, about a ragtag team of classmates performing in an acapella group.

She’s gone and released her standout song from the film, a cup-tapping, hand-clapping tune called ‘Cups’ (originally ‘When I’m Gone’). The question is, is it worth all the hype or is this just one endeavour that Ms Kendrick has failed at doing?

The song is certainly catchy as any summer anthem and the hand clap beats and patterns that the entire song is built upon do it justice, although a bit of a major pop production would have elevated this even further. However, Kendrick’s vocals are pretty top notch and while they won’t exactly be topping worldwide tours anytime soon, they’re sweet and cool enough that listening to her sing the chorus of ‘you’ll miss me when I’m gone’ is a treat. That line, by the way, will be well-cemented in your head by the time comes to an end. Just saying.

Check out the clap-a-cup-happy video for ‘Cups’ below.

Result: It looks like ‘Cups’ is a definite downloader with 100% of you choosing to put the track on your iTunes! 

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