Download or Ditch: 911 – ‘2 Hearts, 1 Love’

Hello again! This, dear readers, is a feature we love to call ‘Download or Ditch’, the must-read guide to every pop tune that’s set to hit your ears in the very near future. We listen to the songs give our opinion and then ask you tell us whether or not it’s worth spending money on. Simple!

We all love a great comeback and ITV’s The Big Reunion gave us plenty for our buck, with bands like Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and Five (or is it 5ive?) making their way back onto the big stage together to deliver some solid entertainment… and also let us see who stayed hot and who didn’t.

911, a big 90’s boyband, were one of those given the chance at revival and after the pretty successful tour, it seems that 911 are making a go of things (although the fact that they’re British and didn’t call themselves 999 remains a mystery).

Lee, Jimmy and Spike have released a brand new single ‘2 Hearts, 1 Love’ and while the schmaltzy name isn’t exactly the best title, we still took a look to see what the boys had unveiled as their latest single.

It’s a bit of a cheesy ballad, which is a staple of boybands the world over. The harmonies are decent enough and while we should by all means hate the song, we can’t really do it, largely because 911 are pretty likeable and we do want them to come back.

We can’t really see them doing a big club stomper, but a big pop tune that evokes that 90s revival that’s popular right now would hit the spot better than a Subway sarnie after a night out.

Check out the rooftop-based video for ‘2 Hearts, 1 Love’ below and vote on whether to download or ditch the tune. 

Results: The votes are in and have been totted up and whopping 96.05% of you decided to throw a ruddy party to celebrate the return of 911 and confirmed the track as a definite download! Welcome back boys men!

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