Download or Ditch: EverYoung – ‘You Got Me’

Hello and welcome to ‘Download or Ditch’ – we look at the best new songs out there and then tell you whether or not you should bother hitting that ‘download’ button and spending hard-earned money on a brand spanking new bit of tuneage. Nice, right?

We love, love, love the sound of new band EverYoung who are a cheeky and sweet group of young guys and girls who just love performing together and have been entertaining the world with some sweet melodic covers of pop tuneage. Seriously, they should have their own Disney movie at this point. They’ve gone and released a proper first single – ‘You Got Me’ – and the question is whether or not they’ve managed to do something of their own or if they should stick to the covers?

‘You Got Me’ is a brilliantly sweet and catchy tune by anyone’s standards and is very much in the vein of A*Teens or AllStars (anyone remember them? No? Just us then…) or Scooch (we remember them but wish we couldn’t) with a big pop backing. The ridiculously cute members of the band are all about share and share alike, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to shine vocally, which is something we wish more pop bands did.

Don’t get us wrong, the whole thing is cheesier than a slab of melted cheddar on a slice of hot toast but it’s just as innocent and satisfying. Very rarely is there a wonderfully pure pop song and the relaxed summer guitar vibes of the song make it a midtempo love song that is suitable for everyone.

It’s the perfect song to close out the summer with some very sweet, lovely vibes from the whole thing. You’ll be hard pressed to not tap your feet to the beat and we suspect that the lovely EverYoung will have bigger and brighter things ahead of them if ‘You Got Me’ is any indication.

It might not be the most revolutionary pop ever conceived but it’s fun, sweet and you’ll be singing along before you even know it.

Check out the summery (and suprisingly cowboy-esque) video for ‘You Got Me’ below and let us know in the poll below whether you would ‘Download’ or ‘Ditch’ the song. Voting is now closed.

Result: Whoa! EverYoung nailed this Download Or Ditch with a whopping 92.77% voting to download ‘You Got Me’!

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