We have an exclusive Douglas Booth interview. This is not a drill.

We’ve been dreaming about Titus Abrasax ever since we went to see Jupiter Ascending in the cinema, and now those lovely people over at Warner Bros have slipped us an exclusive video of fit Brit actor Douglas Booth speaking all about the character and the movie itself.

We didn't need those ovaries anyway.
We didn’t need those ovaries anyway.

In the chat, Dougie speaks to us all about the “lothario, playboy character” of Titus and how he wasn’t even much of a sci-fi fan before he filmed Jupiter Ascending!

“I had a little bit of interest, I’ve never been a massive sci-fi guy,” Douglas confesses. “But I’ve always enjoyed it and it’s always the scope of it, it’s the other worldness, it’s the escapism of it all. It’s just out there and you get a release from it, you don’t get grounded in everyday life. Anything is possible.”

Our Jupiter Ascending production team chaps have also sent some stills from the movie’s DVD and Blu Ray release – available June 29.

And where’s this exclusive video we’ve teased you with? Well, it’s right here:

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