DO NOT READ! SEXY PICTURES BELOW: Harry Styles and Dougie Poynter, the two sexiest men in pop are so alike it hurts.

Two of the most beautiful sexy men, dressing the same? Too much for anyone to handle, you probably shouldn’t carry on reading because we can’t guarantee you will make it to the end.

Dougie Poynter and Harry Styles, wearing the same clothes, in the same way, looking the same sexy.

Those luscious long locks resting on the shoulders of that floral pink unbuttoned shirt, complimented by a mid length necklace. MY GOD.

pink shirt

Then there was the red plaid shirts… Can we also appreciate their matching hats and the fact Dougie is holding a banana, they were definitely carved by the same God!


They couldn’t possibly have done it more than twice…

But yes, yes they have done it more than twice, the two sexiest men in pop are in complete unison.


Even fetus Dougie is in on the game, who wore it best? It’s impossible to say.


This is getting too much now, everything from the amount of undone buttons is the same.


We can’t decide who we love more but why choose when we can sit here and stare at them both.

What do you think? Both sent from heaven.

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