Double trouble: ‘The Witch’s Tears’ co-authors talk Weasleys, nose twitches and MURDER!


Which witch is the actual bestest? Can two co-authoring sisters agree on anything? Will ‘The Witch’s Tears’ make us ugly cry or snort with laughter? We’ve asked all the questions and Katharine and Elizabeth Corr have given us all the answers, and more.

We already showed you how to wear that blingin’ cover, and found out just how magical your love life actually is… So if Merry and ‘The Witch’s Tears’ aren’t already your total faves, they’re about to be. And that’s perfect timing because book 2 has literally just dropped.

Please tell us about ‘The Witch’s Tears’ in the length of a tweet.
Oh, that’s really hard to do. So we’re going to answer this one together:

While Merry and Leo struggle with grief, death is stalking the English covens. Two strangers offer their help. But can either truly be trusted?

That took us way too long to come up with.

What’s it like working on a book with your sister?
Kate: So. Much. Fun. We really make each other laugh. Though it can also be annoying when she won’t let me have my own way. And when I have to correct her grammar….

Liz: We have our disagreements – usually when Kate tries to viciously murder yet another character. But for the most part we’re pretty similar in our tastes and views, so our fall-outs tend to be short-lived. Luckily. Plus, I rely on her for babysitting.

Do you have a favourite fictional witch?
Kate: Molly Weasley. She’s really powerful, but her family are far more important to her than her witchcraft or her pure blood status. She’s almost the perfect mum: kind and protective but also able to turn your enemies into frogs if she felt like it.

Liz: Granny Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series. She’s a very powerful and caring witch, but she also rocks the mean old lady vibe. She’s got a piercing stare that could pretty much melt the sun. She’s also very keen on people ‘acting respectable.’ You wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.

This is how you can literally wear the most bewitching cover of the year:

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If you could have a magical power, what would it be?
Kate: I’d love to be like Samantha from Bewitched, able to fix literally everything with a twitch of my nose. Twitch – clean house. Twitch – fridge full of food. Twitch – dinner is ready. I’d save SO MUCH TIME.

Liz: Huh. I wanted to be Samantha… But otherwise, I’d like to be able to whiz around through time and space at will. It would be so handy. No more school run: I’d just magically appear at the school with the children. No more slugging it out on South West Trains…

What’s in store for Merry in ’The Witch’s Tears’?
Kate: Tears. Romance. Friendship. More tears. Grief. A lot of tears. Can’t really say anymore without giving too much away…

Liz: She starts to experiment with her powers, to understand just how powerful she is. Which leads to all sorts of problems, romantic and otherwise!

Can you send us a snap of where you work? We love to see where the magic happens!

So much yes to this. Yes to different workspaces. Where’s YOUR fave place to crack the laptop open? Tell us in the comments below!

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