The superhero love interests that NEED their own story

What could possibly be better than settling down to a good superhero story?


How about diving into a side-character story? A side character that has suddenly emerged as the badass we knew they always were. A side character that has FINALLY been given the attention they deserve. Just as Gwenda Bond has done in ‘Lois Lane: Double Down’.

Here we list the love interests that need their own novel. Stat.

Harley Quinn. Start off strong, eh?


This is one damaged package, courtesy of her curiously cracked bae, The Joker. But we can’t help but fall in love with her kind of crazy, and feel our hearts then break for how hopeless her situation seems to be! But after seeing ‘Suicide Squad’, we dead sure we want to explore her story more.

Pepper Potts. Associated with Iron Man/Tony Stark.


She’s one tough cookie. And that’s before she puts the metallic red suit of armour on. As Tony Stark’s aide (and flame) she has one heck of a job. We wouldn’t want it. But we WOULD want to read about it.

Mera. Aquaman’s wife.


Welp, maybe there’s a small part of us that just wants to imagine her beau, but Mera is a total boss in her own right. She has a lot of internal struggle and has the kind of mind that lingers on things. To say the least. It would make for an interesting thinker of a read, we reckon.

Liz Sherman. Hellboy’s long time friend and love interest.


Depending on whether you’re in the comic book, or the film camp, Liz is either Hellboy’s girlfriend or girl-friend. Either way, the way this pair interact is utterly fascinating and it would be so cool to see more of how that works from Liz’s POV.

Betty Ross. The red-she hulk to the green Hulk-hulk.


Did that make ANY sense? Betty has a really cool narrative arc. It’s full of love and heartbreak and kickass action. And more heartbreak. And more kickass action. Nobody be messin’ with Betty!

Peggy Carter. Captain America’s original boo.


Why include Peggy and not the later relation and love interest Sharon? Quite simply because Peggy lived in the 1940s, and who doesn’t love a bit of historical fiction now and then? Plus, Agent Carter anyone? #yaas

Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The ‘Deadpool’ version.


Who’s love interest? Ours. Because this reimagining of a very different comic book character is super cool. So cool it makes us gag. If only we had an ounce of her cool. She needs a book written about her, this version of her at least. Now. Make it happen.

And of course, Gwena Bond has already hooked us up with the Lois Lane story we’ve been craving. Thank kryptonite!

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