Don’t Quote Me On That!

Just watching the Willow Smith video for Fireball! I thought I had long arms and legs but she puts me to shame LOL Go Willow #limbs

If anyone can get a limbs hashtag trending it’s Rochelle from The Sats

Just saw first photos of the stage being built. Just peed all the way down to my Chanel shoes!! *sorry Karl* ahhh!!!!!!

Tena Lady just got it’s first celebrity spokesperson in Lady Gaga

The man on jeremy kyle is vile! How could you turn your back on your own flesh and blood! And his girlfriends a joke too! (Rant over)

Rebecca Ferguson’s had a busy morning…

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Tulisa / Fazer, Taylor / Zac, Harry / Caroline, Tom / Kelsey – It’s Popstar Heart Monitor

The winner is… Cover Drive vs Professor Green vs Lana Del Rey