Adele and Alicia Keys ban phones from their gigs: Here’s how to avoid being called out by your fave

If these pop stars get their own way, you might not be able to use your phone or camera at gigs.


At a recent show in Italy, Adele singled out one of her fans for filming her entire show. Embarrassing!

But Adele isn’t the only one. During her secret show in London last month, Alicia Keys took it a step further and outright banned mobile phones and all cameras at her show using a new technology called Yondr which puts devices in a lockable pouch that only you can access.


It can be frustrating going to see your fave only to be in a sea of iPhones and digital cameras. With this in mind, here’s out five top tips on how to film a gigs without being a distraction:

1) Have consideration for those around you: If you’re tall, let shorter people in front of you.


2) Don’t film the entire show: There’s usually rules about filming entire shows and most venues frown on this. Just take a bit and move on.


3) Make sure you’re not blocking anyone else’s view: The best shots are usually taken from higher views but try to keep your hands and arms out of the way.


4) Be discrete: Keep out of everyone’s way.


5) Keep the flash off: It’s no good in a gig. Keep it off.

We’ve go loads of tips on how to get the best gig pics and videos (WITHOUT getting caught out) in our MP! Guide, which you can see over here. It’s the most useful asset for a gig (apart from your ticket, of course).

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