11 times Dolores Umbridge made you hate her more than Voldemort

You’ve got evil. And then you’ve got EVIL. It’s the same word, but just as Umbrudge herself proves, it’s often HOW you say something that matters.


So read on for all the times Umbrudge made you pull that strange face (somewhere between a sneer and a WTF) and made you think for just a moment that You-Know-Who might not be that bad after all.

1. It starts off small. You think, ok, this woman is obviously crackers. But we can deal.


2. But then her mouth keeps talking and starts saying things in a saccharine voice that fill you with dread. (Friends? With a fuchsia fondant?)


3. And with that same smile she begins “creating order” where a little chaos was working just fine, thanks.


4. If you were fooled, however, it didn’t take much longer to realise she was never going to listen to you. Ever.

giphy (2)

5. And she looks at you like this…


and your heart desires to poke her in the eye so badly.

6. Then the witch hunts begin (pardon the phrase) and your favourite people are kicked out. And she’s STILL SMILING!


7. Not even our Snape is safe. (Not smiling, but you can see it’s hard for her, forcing it into submission).


8. It’s not even the cats. The cats are cool with us. It’s seeing that expression and struggling with the rising urge to put arsenic in her tea.


9. She’s not evil in the same way Voldemort was. She proved just how flawed and human she was when this happened:


Stubbornly clinging to her ideals. Like a numpty.

10. She’s terrifying because we’ve all probably had a teacher, or known someone, a little like this. And even a little is too much…


11. Because it’s too easy to imagine her popping up when you least expect it:


And that alone is a nightmare.


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