#Doesitfart is causing a lot of hot air, and it’s one of the grossest things you’ll ever read

Sensitive souls beware.

Oh internet, you filthy wormhole of fun and scientific ponderings. What started as a genuine question “does a snake fart?”

Has led to a beautiful exploration of the animal kingdom’s, uh, backdoor functions. BUT Twitter being the wonderful beast that it is, naturally progression means that we’ve now got slammin’ hashtags like #DoesItPuke and #BestCarcass. But which is actually more gross? We’re letting you vote on it.

Tbf, this group of incredible people have even gone so far as to create a Google Doc for everyone to enjoy. So if you ever wonder in the future “does a frog fart?” you know where to go for the answer:

It’s literally changing lives:

Can this one tree save the whole of Africa before it’s too late?

Legit cool things you can do with an empty plastic bottle:

It’s not 100% accurate because after all this is a document ANYONE can edit, but it’s a lot closer to the truth than you were before:

Good to know. Not sure how the frogs will feel about us gossiping over their flappy arses though. It’s a fascinating and funny thread. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh lordy, no. Because once you accept that cute, bug-eyed seals do, in fact, toot:

You then have to grapple with the evolution of this hashtag. Like all good sciencey stuff, we make progress. And so #DoesItPuke is also a thing:

Wow. Of course they do. Because having a bright read butt isn’t enough for these guys. Nope. They have to chew on their own vom too.

Too tame? Shall we turn this sucker all the way up to eleven? Because this next hashtag is both disturbing and impossible to look away from. #BestCarcass has arrived in your twitter feeds, friends. THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT FRIENDLY! Just a warning.

Also, this person is winning at Twitter:

The cold weather really is taking its toll…

And this amazing response:

Just wow…

Smile for the camera!

So, uh. Now you’ve had time to digest the evidence… Which of these # is actually the worst?

Tell us which is muy gross in the comments below.

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