I tried using sellotape to apply lipstick perfectly so you don’t have to

Following in the footsteps of Huda Beauty‘s contouring tricks, one beauty blogger came up with a hack to apply lipstick perfectly every time. What does it involve? Er, sellotape.


Apparently if you outline your lips with sellotape before applying lipstick, it works as an adult colouring stencil and ensures you don’t mess up. Kylie Jenner lips here I come.

Sounds cool, but does it really work? I put the beauty hack to the test. Mainly so you don’t have to.


The lipstick I used was Collection Lasting Colour in the shade Valentine and it was pretty blunt and worn down. I mean if I’m going to test these hacks, I might as well test them properly by using crappy stuff I own – right?

For reference, here is what the lipstick looked like when I applied it normally sans sellotape:normal-1

No, I didn’t purposefully apply it awfully I’m just really bad at makeup in general lolz. I obviously would usually clean up the edges and smudges, but for the sake of this test, I thought it’d be best to show what it looked like upon first application.

Sellotape timeduring

Well to say this was a kerfuffle would be an understatement. I don’t know what type of industrial tape beauty bloggers own, but standard old sellotape does not stick to your skin. Like at at all.

I couldn’t get the tape to fit properly around the shape of my mouth and it just kept sliding around and coming unstuck. Also do I have an extremely small philtrum or something? Because there’s no way that sellotape was going on without blocking my airways in the process.

At this point, I was not feeling optimistic about the future.


Jeez, I didn’t think the results could be worse than my sans sellotape lipstick application but apparently it’s possible. If you’re looking to perfect your Joker halloween costume, this hack is the one for you.

It probably would’ve worked if I had actually put the sellotape on properly, but alas I really do not have the patience or skill set for that level of intricacy and fuss. It’s harder than it looks, I swear.

It’s a no from me, I’m afraid.

Have you tried this hack before? Let us know how it went (let’s be real, almost certainly better than me) with a tweet to @maximumpop

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