You need to hear what YouTuber Dodie Clark has to say about sponsored videos

Obviously sponsored videos can be a bit of a controversial issue within the whole YouTube scope. With some YouTubers promoting products and what not here there and everywhere, it’s hard to know what they legit like and what they’ve been paid to say, on top of the fact the very foundations of their careers is based on how open, honest and real they are attempting to portray themselves.


So it can all be a bit hush hush on their side of things, but Dodie has taken one for the team and boldly given us the 411 on her views on sponsored vids. Thanks, Dodie — you’re a pal!

She talked initially about how she personally only takes on projects she is interested in and that, simultaneously, she thinks her audience would enjoy seeing. For the most part, this seems to be the general consensus for most YouTubers. They only promote things they themselves would use and love. The same can also be said for the merchandise and ranges they bring out to see to us, the avid watchers.

“I like to base this channel on authenticity,” Dodie said in her video, noting that she plays a huge role in what she wants to say and do in her sponsored videos.


She also gives a heads up that the ASA rules (that is, Advertising Standards Authority) in the US are far less strict than in the UK, where YouTubers have to mark clearly in their titles that it is in fact an #AD.

When discussing a tweet about brand deals that basically summarised that YouTubers were only ever going to be dishonest when money was on the line, Dodie came to her own conclusion that that is, in fact, not the case. Tbh, we agree.

“If you see an ad in the title or in the thumbnail of a video and you don’t fancy watching some sponsored content today, you don’t fancy being advertised to, don’t click on it. That’s what they’re for,” she states. “But know that, hopefully, if they’re a credible YouTuber, it’s not just going to be a massive advert. I will only promote companies, channels, brands, products that I like and know that you will like.”

We reckon all our fave YouTubers are pretty trustworthy when it comes to brand deals and enjoy all the products and whatnot we’ve invested in over the years. Just be weary of those pesky ‘I heard about such and such from a friend’ types. They give us serious side-eye emoji.

What do you think of Dodie’s video? Did you find it as informative as we did. Give us a tweet over @maximumpop.

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