Do you remember your first crush? We asked our readers to share their stories and we are in tears


We’ve been seriously swooning over Adam Silvera’s new book ‘History Is All You Left Me’. It’s so sweet and so heart aching that we kinda wanna re-read it again. And again. We reckon you will too!

It’s also got us thinking about our first crushes. Some of them might be a little embarrassing now, but a crush is a crush. You can’t deny those first fleeting feelings and butterflies. Who was yours?

It’s not necessarily someone in RL either. How many of you experienced those early heart-eyes over a pop star or bookish bae? Maybe they were animated! It’s still a legit feeling that you should celebrate having had.

What’s your cosmic horoscope

It’s official, there are some things our parents will NEVER understand

Retro or tres moderne, it doesn’t actually matter. Who cares if that first on-screen looker to get you flustered was captured in black and white rather than brilliant technicolor?

Who does ‘Maresi’ author Maria Turtschaninoff credit as her first crush?

YES QUEEN! We can totally see it.

Suave, chipper and willing to face danger to win the day. A stand-up bloke fox.

Then there’s ‘Unconventional‘ author Maggie Harcourt with this BEAUT of an answer:

Because DUH! Think about it. Gettig to dive into your fave book, or have your fave character jump out of it? Nothing could be better!

And then there’s this one:

Which is just so much YES! Who DIDN’T have a crush on ‘High School Musical’ Zac Efron? It’s like a rite of passage.

Do our first crushes EVER lose their cred? Well… Maybe. Depends how well behaved they are between then and now. This one, however, is pretty timeless:

Let’s hear it for the ’10 Things I Hate About You’ fans! YAAS! A classic romcom. We were a little less Joseph Gordan-Levitt and a little more Heath Ledger though…

Be still our beating hearts! That boy is FIRE!

Oh we feel ya:

Forever bringing sexy back!

And then the elf of all elves… Legolas. We do love a fantasy bae :

This is just TOO CUTE however and we are 100% on board with their choices:

Right? Plus this very “animated” chap getting full marks:

Who was YOUR first crush? Share it with us on twitter @maximumpopbooks with #MPCrush or in the comments below!

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