DNCE on their controversial Rihanna cover and the secret to making a giant cake by the ocean

We can’t get enough of DNCE, they’re just too good and they’ve gone and done an interview with the CBBC Official Chart Show, chatting giant cakes, their missing “A” and that Rihanna cover. (FYI we LOVED it)

giphy (7)

If you’re hoping to gain any useful information from this, you probably won’t. The band are too fun for serious bizznizz, their life purpose is for everyone to experience cake by the ocean, but they do tell how you can become their newest member.

To clear up the controversy over their cover of ‘Work’, they love Rihanna and decided to use office equipment in the video, because… why not. The cover is unusual, quirky and weird. Everything we love about DNCE!

DNCE have to be the coolest group around, their style and sound is badass. (Look at what Cole was wearing in the interview #fashion) Also we’re 100% dedicating our life to joining DNCE, you should too.


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