DJ Fresh – The Big Interview

He’s the mysterious face behind one of last summer’s biggest hits – and now MP! are getting closer to DJ Fresh to find out exactly what makes him tick. Read on for big spoons, theme tunes and his expert opinion on who will be ruling the charts in April 2029…

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Hello DJ Fresh! What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Lucky Charms, cold milk, big spoon.

Your real name is Daniel – where did “DJ Fresh” come from?

Because Daniel would be boring, what kind of name would Daniel be for a Drum and Bass legend?

If you could pick ONE artist in the charts right now to work with, who would it be and why?

Coldplay and the Fleet Foxes.

Who wouldn’t you want to work with?


Louder was your first ever UK Number One – how did you celebrate?

Went for dinner – Lebanese. I also jumped around Radio 1 when I heard.

How will you celebrate if your next single reaches Number One?

Jump even higher and go out to do an even more expensive video.

According to Wikipedia, Louder was the first ever dubstep song to top the UK charts, how does that make you feel?

Feels amazing, my sound is slightly different to the pioneers of DnB like Scream, Benga and Casper but I feel the more people listening to music that crosses over then discover the real roots of the music.

Rita Ora features on your brand new single, what was it like working with her?


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Great, she is wicked. She is a lot of fun, she has a really cool sense of humour and is super talented and a pleasure to work with.

Rumour has it that she’s going to be the next big thing – can you tell us any secrets or embarrassing stories about her?

Yeah that would be a really sensible thing to do with someone that is going to be the next big thing.

Are there any other amazing collaborations we should look out for on your upcoming album?

There are but I cant say just yet, the artists I have worked with so far have been less well know but the ones coming up are with people you would be familiar with.

How would you rate your new album out of 10 – and why?

If it was any less than 10 and it hadn’t even come out yet that would be a disaster. It’s yet to come out… But I am aiming for 10.

If we asked you to help produce a theme tune for Maximum Pop! would you say yes?

Yeah defo! I [have] space in my diary in April… 2029 – Let me know.

Could you get any big pop stars to sing on it?!

We’ll have to see who is hot in 2029, I hear Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter will be hot then. You heard it here first.

Finally, do you make a good cup of tea? If so, what’s your method?

Not really, not an expert on tea… I make a wicked cup of coffee


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