We made ‘Fantastic Beasts’ giggle water and it was pure lols


We’ve watched Fantastic Beasts loads 4378291 times since it came out and it’s safe to say we’re FULLY OBSESSED.

Seriously guys, how are we expected to wait a whole year till the next film?!

We need Newt in our lives! Plus we kinda wanna know whether Queenie and Jacob end up together (please say they do!) AND if Credence is still alive – obvs.

But, rather than dwell on how long it is until the next film is released, we’ve decided to get our Fantastic Beasts fix another way. The team have whipped up our very own lol-worthy giggle water.

It looks exactly like the one our fave foursome were served in The Blind Pig and it’ll have you laughing for hours.

So, get your wands out wizards and let’s create a batch.

What you’ll need

  • Sugary drink (You can choose what kind, wizards!)
  • Glass bottle
  • Giggle water label

The main ingredient you need to create giggle water is a sugary drink that’ll make you super hyper. Fanta? Mountain Dew? Red Bull? The choice is yours. Sure, it doesn’t have quite the same kick as pure chuckle extract but it’s still excellent at creating some lols.

You can even add a drop of your fave spirit in if you’re old enough. Soz, wizards but make sure you’re legal please – we don’t want to get put into Azkaban for encouraging underage drinking.

For those who fancy creating a posher giggle water, there are also heaps of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes here. Just don’t go all Malfoy-snob on us!

Once you’ve picked your muggle-friendly drink, pour it in a glass bottle.

The team bought this bottle from Amazon for a few quid. It looks soooooo cool and is such a neat newt way to serve up a Potterverse potion.

The next step is printing out a giggle water label and attaching it to the bottle. You can download the one we used here.

That’s it! The giggle water is done. You can now sit back, enjoy the sugary goodness and laugh your head off at all the hilar Fantastic Beasts clips.

Need help finding some? Fret not, wizards, we’ve rounded up 17 of the best ones below. Not only do they feature some memorable moments from the film, but there are also loaaaaaaads of rofl interviews the cast have done whilst promoting it.


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1. Nifflers are THE BEST

2. Don’t make them choose between Snape and Dumbledore!

3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


5. Omg the cast making pasties is too much


7. “IKEA?!”

8. More Niffler action

9. WHAT?!

10. This is sooooooooo funny

11. So awkward! So adorable!

12. *Giggles*


14. Love it

15. GUYS! Ezra’s just like us!

16. What a Potterhead

17. FFS we’re so in love with Ezra right now

Want more Fantastic Beasts fun? Find out what percent Newt Scamander you are in one of Maximum Pop!’s awesome quizzes below. Enjoy!

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