Need some last minute New Years’ Resolutions? Check out our Divergent-inspired list

January is a time in which we aim to be better than we’ve ever been before, leaving old mistakes in the past and stepping forward boldly into a new year. It is also a time we realise that our sense of motivation lasts all of about a week, and wonder why we ever thought hitting the gym five times a week could be fun.


In honour of Veronica Roth’s fab series’ makeover we have compiled a list of 12 resolutions we think some of the characters from ‘Divergent’ might have in mind for 2016.

WARNING: may contain a few spoilers.

  1. Update wardrobe. All-black is so Book 1. (all Dauntless faction members)

2. Stop trusting my significant other to not put their life in danger while I sleep. Like, seriously. (Four)

3. Explore the New Me and try something new – maybe baking? I might be a baking person – who knows! (Peter)

4. Show some love and take part in Random Acts of Kindness Week. Because, my GOODNESS, I need to stop being a terrible human. (Caleb)

5. Take up a new hobby. Possibly pilates? Something…calming. (Marcus)

6. Throw Four a birthday party, with cake and streamers and everything. He’ll love it. (Evelyn)

7. Ask out that cute girl from the office. (Peter)

8. Make sure no more of my close friends die. Because, seriously, these books have not been kind. (Christina)

True description of Veronica Roth.

9. Write a memoir. I’m certain everyone wants to know adventures I’m up to now, despite being a total scumbag for most of this series. (Marcus)

10. Up my gym game (repeat from last year, and the year before). (Four)

11. Get on good/okay/civil terms with Four. Send a nice card, a fruit basket? Brainstorm. (Caleb)

12. Work out who Caleb reminds me of and why it makes me feel weird. (Tris)

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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