10 Divergent GIFs to motivate your best week ever!

Are you having a bad week? It’s only Wednesday, so hold on tight. You can do it! Just keep hold of those memories of the Easter holidays… and chocolate.

If you happen to love the ‘Divergent’ series, then this is the article that’ll help you out. We’ve got 10 gifs from the series that’ll definitely motivate you during the week. 

b49fafc02ddabef2_d10We can all use our OTP holding hands to breathe life into us.

climbingwalls-1442407235Running away from your problems… well, it might work.

divergent-dauntless-training-campZip-lining into the week ahead, come at us.

Four_and_tris.1 Damn, these two look like they’re going to ruin your entire existence.

giphy-17 Come on and exercise your way up that metaphorical ladder.

Shailene-Woodley-DivergentJust take a moment and think about life.

tumblr_mry8etYTfZ1sq0olho1_500Haters be gone.

tumblr_ms455vJKs71rwhpuzo2_500 OTP, this gives us so much life. tumblr_my16xoJMKa1s3y9slo6_500 Daamnnnn Four, back at it again with the shirtless body. That’s definitely inspiring.

tumblr_nxrrc6Eh0d1qft49to2_500Let’s kick some ass today! YEAH!

We’re feeling better, hope you are too. Tweet us your fave ‘Divergent’ GIF at @maximumpop.

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