District3 vs Union J: You decide – the votes are in!

Bigger than X Factor, more mental than Big Brother, more important than the lottery – the Union J, District3 vote has come to an end. After calculating all 6,000 of your votes, reading nearly 50 comments, and a quick lie down, we can now announce that with 62% of your vote it’s District3 who have come out on top!

Congratulations to Dan, Micky and Greg and thanks to all who voted – have a peek below to get a recap on why District 3 triumphed in the vote. And stare at their handsome faces.

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District 3

WHO: Michael “Micky” Parsons, Gregory “Greg” West and Daniel “Dan” Ferrari-Lane, a vocal harmony trio who met at the Silvia Young Stage School as aspiring young performers way back in 2007.

STATS: 201,000 twitter followers, 23,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

FORM: Bottom 2 in Week 2, but they recovered last week.

X FACTOR CONTROVERSY MOMENT: Changing their name from GMD3 (Greg, Micky, Daniel – and there’s 3 of them, geddit?) after guest mentor Sharon Osbourne complained that it sounded like a virus.

BEST PERFORMANCE: After a ropey couple of weeks, they really pulled it back with their Plan B-Chris Brown medley last week.

STRENGTHS: A genuine vocal harmony trio, they sound great together and gel naturally.

WEAKNESSES: Anonymous styling, dated song choices, strong whiff of cheese.

LOUIS SAYS: I feel the same way about this band as when we first saw JLS.

MP! Verdict: We think these guys are probably the more vocally talented of the boybands, but being bottom 2 in the second week is never a good sign, and without a strong image we fear they may turn out to be more The Risk than One Direction. Last week’s performance points to better things to come.


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Union J

WHO: Josh Cuthbert, Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett and George Shelley. Josh, Jaymi and JJ auditioned as a trio called Triple J, but reinvented themselves as Union J after George joined the line-up for Judges Houses.

STATS: 407,000 twitter followers, 51,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

FORM: Neither the original Triple J nor George made it past Boot Camp, but since joining forces they’ve sailed through every round to date.

X FACTOR CONTROVERSY MOMENT: Being brought back with a new name and extra member after Rough Copy were axed from Judges Houses due to Visa issues.

BEST PERFORMANCE: Their take on David Guetta & Kelly Rowland’s ‘When Love Takes Over’ last week was their best by a mile.

STRENGTHS: They look great, and George has definite Harry Styles potential.

WEAKNESSES: Frequently dodgy vocals, perhaps too similar to One Direction.

LOUIS SAYS: “The public love. this. band. These guys are going to have a massive future”

MP! Verdict: They didn’t make much of an impression until George joined the fold, and we were about ready to give up on them after their dreadful performance of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ in the first live show, but this group seems to be building serious momentum, and could be the only credible threat to Ella for the X Factor crown this Christmas.


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