District3 Interview

We had a good old fashioned chinwag with former X Factor contestant and current HAWT boyband, District3. We spoke about The X Factor, their new EP, getting into bed with Rihanna and asked them to tell us some of their biggest secrets. Enjoy!

[column width=half]Hey District3! So what have you guys been up to since X Factor?

D3: We came straight off the show and gigged for two months. Then we went on the X Factor tour and once that finished we went straight into the studio to work on the new EP. We then did our own tour and we got to see what songs fans liked best and they helped us choose what went on the EP.

What do you make of Sharon Osbourne replacing Tulisa on the show?

D3: Both are great personalities and are very capable and experienced. We’re looking forward to seeing Sharon on the show and we still think Tulisa is great.

What was your favourite X Factor performance of yours?

D3: We’d have to say ‘Begging’ or ‘Tears In Heaven’. Our new original stuff is so different from what we performed on the show and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

If you could work with anyone in the world right now, who would it be?

Greg: Ed Sheeran. He’s such a great artist.

Dan: Eminem would be amazing.

What’s your favourite track from your new EP?

D3: ‘Dead To Me’, it’s really stripped back and concentrates on the vocals.

‘Let’s Reload’ is the first track on your EP, if you could go back (or reload) to anytime in your life, when would it be?

D3: Not long ago, back to our first tour of the UK where we got to show people what we can really do.

‘What You Know About Me’ is another one, tell us something that no one else knows about you.

Greg: Recently, we have become addicted to those ridiculous games with like the claw. We spent a lot of money but we did get a giant Scooby Doo, banana and doughnut.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]‘Hello’ is the next track, who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

Dan: Michael Jackson

Micky: Rihanna

Greg: The Queen, who is quite a big one.

‘Dead To Me’ comes next. If you were to die and comeback as a ghost what would you do and why?

Dan: Stalk Rihanna and probably get into bed beside her.

Greg: I would definitely come back and haunt Dan because he’s scared of ghosts.

‘Chasing Silhouettes’ follows ‘Dead To Me’, but we can’t think of a question for that, so what’s your favourite colour?

Dan: Orange

Micky: Red

Greg: Royal Blue

‘More and more’ is the final track on your EP, what is the one thing you can’t get enough of?

Dan: Chocolate Icecream

Micky: Running

Greg: FIFA on XBox Live

Finally, are you Team One Direction or Team The Wanted?

D3: Both are great and genuinely different. We kind of sit somewhere in the middle. They are all talented guys and you can’t really compare them because they are both awesome.[/column]

The District3 EP is available on the 18th of August and you preorder it here! We had a sneaky listen to the EP, so if you’d like to see our thoughts on the mini album click here.

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