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If you have ever bought yourself an album (or LP’s as they are call by musical connoisseurs), which we are sure you have, you may have noticed there are about 4-5 good songs on it and the rest is pretty much filler or just carbon copies of another track on the album. There is a solution to this and it is called an EP which is just the couple of good songs on the LP with all the rubbish cut out. If you are interested in making an EP, perhaps you should take notes from District3, who have done it perfectly!

We had an extra sneaky exclusive listen to the boys new EP and we confirm suspicion that it is amazing! It’s the perfect blend of vocals, catchy tunes, ballads and not a single skippable track in sight. This is how to do it!

The EP starts with ‘Let’s Reload’ which is a guitar led, feel good, pop song. It’s got a catchy chorus and the all important “woah oh oh”s. The trio then switch into a midtempo, anthemic track called ‘What You Know About Me?’ which is bursting with attitude and a chanty sing-along chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.

The boys then slow it down to ‘Hello’. It’s a beautiful piano-led ballad that shows off the boys’ vocals to perfection. From love song to break up song, ‘Dead To Me’ is about someone trying to salvage a dead relationship. It’s a heartfelt break up ballad with some killer harmonies from Micky, Greg and Dan.

‘Chasing Silhouettes (ft. Bigz)’ has a similar message to ‘Dead To Me’ but has an edgier vibe.  It’s got an urban sound and would be the perfect JLS single (if they weren’t breaking up). Finally, the EP closes with ‘More and More (acoustic)’. It’s stripped back and acoustic set up creates the perfect stage for D3 to show off those harmonies and strong vocals. The track makes you fall in love with the trio all over again and leaves you no option but to replay the EP once more.  

The Disrict3 EP is available on to download on Sunday the 18th of August. You can also pre order it here. We’ve already pre ordered ours, trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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