8 distressing moments we’ve all had to deal with whilst at the hairdressers

No matter what kind of person you are, there is going to be at least one thing off this nifty list that you’ve had the displeasure of dealing with whilst going for a quick mop chop. Honestly, sometimes it’s worth a few dead ends and grown out roots if it means we put off that whole emotional ordeal.

1. Cripplingly awkward conversation


2. Getting a fringe of some form cut in and “OMG, the little tiny hairs are in my eyes, damn it!”


3. When you go in for the long haul (colouring, blow dry, etc) and they don’t give you a magazine, so you’re just… sat there


4. At the end, when they whip out the small mirror and do that magical thing to show you what it looks like, and you kinda want to have more off but are too awkward to say. Instead you muster up your best close-lipped smile and say “Mhm, perfect! Thank you.”


5. Walking in, readily prepared with a picture of what you want, and then walking out an hour later with the feeling that you’d actually quite like to shave it all off.


6. Having heated rollers put in and one rests against your forehead, but you’d honest to god rather get a blister than complain


7. Going in for a trim and tidy up that takes all of ten minutes and still having to break the bank


8. Getting dip-dyed hair and they dye it before cutting it, so you lose about half of the dye you just paid for


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