Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ is killing it in the UK box office

We love Disney so much, so the news that ‘The Jungle Book‘ has already raked in an estimated £9.5 million in its opening weekend makes us feel like proud parents. At this point, we’re up there celebratory dancing with King Louie’s gang and we’d  hazard a guess that all the other films out there are quietly humming ‘I Wanna Be Like You’.


Unsurprisingly, Disney clearly does it best with ‘The Jungle Book’ joining its pal ‘Zootropolis‘ in taking first and second place in the UK box office. Not only that, but ‘The Jungle Book’ is the third biggest opening of the year, behind only ‘Batman vs Superman’ and ‘Deadpool.’ Ah-mazing!

Even better, over the pond it looks like everyone is getting the ‘Bear Necessities’ in Disney magic by going to see the latest live-action transformation. In the US, its opening weekend stands at an estimated $103.6 million, whilst globally we’re looking at $240 million. That is a lot of zeros.

In other words, ‘The Jungle Book’ is smashing it. But, really, that comes as no surprise when we consider the stunning way in which the classic tale has been re-imagined by director, Jon Favreau. Between the star-studded cast and the incredibly believable CGI, we for one can definitely see why and we’d like to see it ten more times, please.

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