Pick a Disney inspired prom dress and we’ll ship you with a boybander to go with

Yes, you can go to the ball!

Who doesn’t love prom dress shopping? It’s like a coming of age event. Dependent on which school you’re at, you probably only get one prom in your final year. You get one night, one dress and it’s going to be amazing. It’ll feel like your whole school experience has led up to that moment. You’ll need to sort out your hair, nails, makeup, date, how you’re getting there, whether there’s an afterparty or not… The hype is relatively similar to that of your wedding, but approximately 15/20 years earlier.

But! Who are you going to take with you? Don’t panic, we’ve got you. In this 100% accurate quiz, we’ll tell you exactly who is going to definitely go to your prom with you. In fact, they’ll call you to ask right after you’ve finished this quiz.*

*not guaranteed to actually happen IRL

Let us know in the comments below which dress is your absolute favourite and who you got!

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