16 times Disney characters were legit you in every situation

“Idiots! I’m surrounded by idiots”

To all the haters out there, we’re sad you’ll never realise that Disney is more than just cute ducks wearing slacks, or princesses bursting out into song in the middle of an enchanted forest.

Sure, those are all integral parts of our favourite classic animations, but what others don’t seem to understand is that you can learn a lot about yourself from Disney characters.

In fact, sometimes we wonder whether our favourite characters aren’t just cartoon versions of ourselves because their behaviour is literally so bang on the money sometimes that it’s kinda disturbing. For example, I highly suspect that I was one of the ugly stepsisters in a past life.

1. This is real footage of me and my sibling doing a happy dance after concocting an evil scheme


Yes, yes it is.

2. This is me posting under every 1D status in the hopes that Harry will see my message

I am “technically” saving myself for Harry Styles. Just “technically”…

3. And hiding in my bed is my solution to every problem

At least my guilt and I will be warm and cosy.

4. In fact, I usually try to spend all the time I possibly can in bed doing what I do best


5. When I am forced to be awake I can barely deal with life

‘The Emperor’s New Groove’s’ Yzma may be a villain, but she makes some good points.

And for that matter, so does Scar from ‘The Lion King’.

Scar, I’m so sorry I ever doubted your motives. You were truly the wisest of us all and we’re sorry you ended up as a rug in ‘Hercules’.

Disney has revealed the details about all their movies up to 2020!

Can you remember which film these minor Disney characters are from? 

6. Having established that I am the only sane human being on the planet, I feel vindicated in going to extreme lengths to avoid avoid social interaction

You can die from awkwardness, you know?

7. I also try to minimise the potential for getting my heart broken by outwardly becoming ice queen

Who needs feelings anyway?

8. I also have developed an aversion to human touch

Personal space FFS! See this invisible bubble surrounding me?

9. Doesn’t stop me creepin’ on hot dudes tho

Her shady ass is so me all day, all night.

10. But I have such high standards that no man could possibly live up to

For me, these are completely realistic expectations. Accept no Li Shang substitutes.

11. But when I decide to finally let someone in I have a confidence crisis

Who could ever love a beast like me?

This is actually me prepping for a date. I AM BEAST!

12. Then when you finally get your heart broken like you knew you would you try to reinvent yourself with a new look

But you just end up looking like a drowned rat instead.

13. But despite it you still believe in true love so it’s back onto Tinder with you

And your old profile pic is so out of date you have to take a new one which takes 3 days and precisely 769 different angles to get right.

14. And eventually you will move on

Genie knows.

15. But not before your extended emo phase


16. And after many years and countless disappointments you realise that your one true love was right in front of you this whole time

Internet, I LOVE YOU!

I pray this last meme never happens to you.

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Written by David Farrell

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David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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