OMG! Disney emojis are real and will change the way you chat to your BFFs FOREVER

Your life is about to change. FOREVER.


You love Disney. You love Emojis. Imagine a world with DISNEY EMOJIS.


Well, there’s no need to dream because they are very, very real and ready for your downloading pleasure.

Some of your favourite Disney AND Pixar characters have been turned into nearly 400 different emojis. There’s classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Bambi plus newer characters from Monsters Inc and The Little Mermaid.


So how do you get these, we hear you asking. Well, it’s part of Disney’s new game ‘Disney Emoji Blitz’. In the game, you have to match similar emojis up, just like our old favourite Candy Crush. The more you collect, the more you’ll be able to use. Simple.


Best of all, there’s different reaction versions with each emoji, so there’s an Ariel for all emotions. What’s not to love?Ariel-i-want-more

‘Disney Emoji Blitz’ is available now on iOS via the App Store and Android via the Play Store as a free download.

Will you be grabbing ‘Disney Emoji Blitz’? Do you have it already? Let us know @maximumpop

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