5 Disney classics we need to see in live action

With ‘Peter Pan’ announced as one of the next Disney classics set to be given the real life treatment, we’ve started to have a think about what other of our favourite animated films we’d love to see be brought to life. Of course, it’s tricky to narrow it down to just a few, because we’re of the belief that Disney can do no wrong and therefore every single film is an absolute masterpiece.


We’ll give it our best try, though, because lbr we haven’t got all day — an inevitable Disney marathon is about to happen.



It’s a mission when someone asks us what our favourite Disney film is and although we’ll probably never be able to give one firm answer, we’d definitely say ‘Tangled’ is up there. It’s a kickass adaption of the original fairytale ‘Rapunzel’ and we’re more attracted to Flynn Rider than we’d care to admit. Not to mention there’s a gecko called Pascal and Maximus the noble steed. The highlights of seeing this Disney creation in real life motion picture would definitely be those hairstyle goalz and the lantern scene. Uh, amazing!



We’ve already got ourselves a musical in the West End and on Broadway. But we kind of need the insane CGI seen in ‘The Jungle Book‘ put to good use in recreating ‘The Lion King’, because it is actually the best of the best where Disney is concerned. We need it, pretty please.



The thought of seeing real life gospel singers absolutely slaying in a live action version of ‘Hercules’ actually has us internally screaming. The greek mythology-based Disney classic is full of powerful leading ladies, which we here at MP! are all about.



We know the ‘Frozen’ hype hasn’t really died down since its release at the end of 2013 and that perhaps we’d like to give it a rest with ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?’ just for a little while. But you have to admit they are pretty incredible songs with some insane vocals (props to you, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell). There’s also the fact that the scenic shots in a live-action film would be pretty darn stunning in some great locations. Imagine the BTS footage we would get.



Okay, but we actually need ‘The Little Mermaid’. If not for anything else, we have to see the incredible dress in its real life, actual sparkly glory. Also, Prince Eric was our favourite Disney prince growing up, for sure.

Those are our suggestions for what we’d like to see Disney sprinkle a bit of that real life magic on. What are your favourite Disney classics and which deserves a bit of a live action revamp? Send us a tweet @maximumpop and let us know!

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