Did you tweet about #DinahIsOurQueen as well? If you did, maybe you’re in this list of our favourite reactions

Some people seem to forget that celebrities are entitled to privacy, which was the case when a very rude person hacked Dinah Jane’s iCloud, but luckily, the fandom was quick to try and make her smile again and here are some of the best tweets with #DinahIsOurQueen.


This one just shows how much she means to her fans and that they’re willing to defend her always and it’s downright adorable.

Then there is this lovely admission that Dinah’s smile pretty much saves the day.

Some people were so were lovely and reminded her of what she tweeted a while ago.

We practically live for this sweet video and it hopefully made Dinah smile as well.

Another tweet, another lovely video.

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the classic but amazing ‘Brasil loves you’.


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