10 differences between a mate and a bestmate.

1. “Do you think his ex girlfriend is hot?”

MATE: She’s so ugly, not hot at all!

BESTMATE: Yeah mate she’s flawless…

2. “Do you like my new top?”

MATE: Yeah it’s so nice!

BESTMATE: I think my nan has that

3. “Do I look alright?”

MATE: So nice, ready for the lads.
lies-kids-tell-parents-6 (1)

BESTMATE: You’ve got camel-toe.

4. “Look at my spot!” 

MATE: What spot, don’t be silly!tumblr_inline_nv8zld77Sc1sx3uwd_500

BESTMATE: Want me to pop it?

5. “Have you seen my coat, did I leave it at yours?”

MATE: No, I don’t think so.635873587032740872536702642_liar-harrypotter-gif

BESTMATE: Oh yeah, I think my sister’s got it.

6. “Was I really drunk? Did I embarrass myself?”

MATE: No, you were fine! No one even noticed!throne-of-lies

BESTMATE: You had sick in your hair.

7. “I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost!”

MATE: You weren’t even big!200_s (1)

BESTMATE: You have gone from an ugly duckling to a swan. You look fit girl.

8. “Do you think he does like me?”

MATE: Yeah I do reckon he like you! lies2

BESTMATE: I do but I do think he’s talking to other people too.

9. “This burger is so good…”

MATE: (Silence)tumblr_modx4yaxJz1sp9fcho1_250

BESTMATE: Mate you’ve got onion in your teeth.

10. “Can I borrow your top please?”

MATE: Yeah of course!alone-blake-lively-blonde-girl-gossip-girl-gif

BESTMATE: Course you can, when you bring back all my others.

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