Twenty Twenty announce split. Sadface. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. Another day, another band down the pan. The latest victim of one of those pesky ‘seemed-good-at-the-time-bad-contract-deals’ (actual quote from their PR) is Twenty Twenty, who looked as if they were on the up after touring last year with The Wanted and The Saturdays.

Alas, it was not to be. In a really, really, really long official statement, members Sam and Jack explained some of the reasons behind the split, and were keen to point out that they weren’t ‘the bad guys’ despite ex-third member Sonny quitting the band six months ago.

We feel that we have been made out to be the bad guys since Sonny’s departure from the band six months ago and in no way is this statement trying to change your opinion on that, but if you have a minute or two to read on you will realise that the matter was far more complicated than what you have read on social media’ reads part of the statement. They then go on to explain that it all got a bit legal and complicated, and they found themselves unable to break out of a contract that didn’t seem to be helping them very much.

Despite our best efforts to terminate the contracts, the Production Company have been difficult and have had no trouble reminding us that, legally, we weren’t allowed to sign into any new deals. We were bound by contracts with people that weren’t working with us, it was unprofessional and began taking it’s toll on relationships within the band.

They also revealed that said ‘Production Company’ was run by none other than Sonny’s dad, which we imagine must have made things pretty awkward. Well lads, we enjoyed fancying you while it lasted. Sadface. POP BITS OUT.

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