Did Louis Tomlinson just suggest that One Direction’s hiatus is going to last A LOT longer than we thought?

C’mon guys – don’t keep us waiting!

Does anyone else feel like they’re in some weird-ass dream where the world just keeps getting more and more messed up right now? We only have to blink before Donald Trump is planning another of his horrific political ventures, and it’s getting way past the point of ridiculous.

Seriously, that man would struggle to build a bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, let alone a (pointless) wall.

Now we’ve established that things are pretty rubbish at the moment, we’re going to suggest a solution – ONE DIRECTION SHOULD REFORM.

Not to sound big-headed, but we think that’s a pretttttyyy fantastic suggestion; even if we do say so ourselves. Just think about the joy it’d spread – and everyone knows we need it right now.

Unfortunately, though, Louis Tomlinson just went and burst that very tiny little bubble of hope for us, and we think we’re going to need an empty Olympic-sized swimming pool to hold the tears we’re about to shed.

Louis Tomlinson just admitted One Direction’s SCANDALOUS past and we’re in bits

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So, here’s the craic. Earlier this week, Louis appeared on ‘The Today Show’ to promote his (amazing) single ‘Just Hold On’.

While most of the chat was based around Louis’ solo career and his collaboration with Steve, the presenters were dying to ask the question we were all waiting for – when are 1D getting back together?

In response to the question, Louis said:

“There’s time for that. Nobody knows when. I think we’re enjoying a bit of time to ourselves, exploring our own solo things.”

Talk about vague, Louis!

While it’s not the amazing news we were hoping for, we’re willing to take anything we can get right now. At least Louis hasn’t ruled anything out – and the boys ARE doing some pretty awesome stuff right now. Louis and Niall are both rocking the whole solo thing, Harry has us all at the edge of our seats waiting for the debut of his acting career, and of course Liam is going to become a daddy – so we have lots to look forward to.

We’re just hoping that the hiatus doesn’t last too much longer, because as it stands, we’re not sure we can really take it….can you?

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