Did Dove Cameron and Bella Thorne just totally go canon?

ICYMI: Belle Thorne and Dove Cameron are now EVERYONE’s fave OTP

At Maximum Pop!, we adore Dove Cameron. She’s super talented (need we remind you of Hairspray! Live?), she’s funny and totally adorable. Just look at her…

A fan asked Dove Cameron on Twitter whether she’d thought of Bella Thorne romantically.

Bella jumped in with this…

The best thing is, Dove then answered with the tweet below. It was deleted soon after for an unknown reason, but on Twitter user captured it.

She then replied with the tweet below. Notice that she kept ‘#powercouple’… she knows they definitely would be!

Obvs, the fandom were very supportive of this.

Let’s take another look at the photo on the left of that tweet. They just look like something’s going on…

Obvs, we’ve got to respect their privacy but…

Do you think they’d be the ultimate couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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