Devoured ‘Cradle and All’? These 6 thrilling reads will fill the emptiness

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James Patterson’s new book ‘Cradle and All‘ is a serious page turner. We’re not sure we moved or even breathed while we were devouring it, actually…

When two women – one in Boston and one in Ireland – find themselves pregnant, even though they are virgins, medics can’t understand how it’s possible. Then famines, floods and droughts begin to spread across the Earth. It signals that something truly horrible is coming. Investigated by a nun-turned-PI, the fates of these young woman are soon in danger, along with the rest of the world.

Sounds trippy, huh? It is. And you’re gonna love it.

And when you’ve read it all in one sitting you might be a little lost and desperate for more – that’s where we come in with a handy list of thrilling recs. You’re in for a ride.

‘We Were Liars’ by E Lockhart

Yeah, yeah, you’ve already read it three times, but if there’s a thriller that can be read over and over, it’s ‘We Were Liars’.

Just in case you’ve missed this gem (where have you been?!), here’s what it’s all about: Ah, well the thing is, we can’t really tell you. You can know that there’s secrets, mysteries, an island, friendship, love and a hell of a sucker punch of a twist. You’ll swoon, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry too. But trust us – you want to go into this one pretty much blind.

‘Dangerous Girls’ by Abigail Haas

Abigail Haas’s first thriller is a few years old now, but it still sits on our shelf as a serious favourite.

Anna is on a Spring Break trip to Aruba with her boyfriend Tate and her best friend Elise – paradise quickly turns to hell when Elisa is found murdered in her hotel room. And Anna is the prime suspect.

She’s far from home and furiously fighting for her freedom, but everyone is questioning Anna. In the eyes of everyone around her, she’s dangerous as well as guilty.

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‘With Malice’ by Eileen Cook

This one is in a similar vein to ‘Dangerous Girls’ and is just as brilliant and unputdownable. You’ll race through ‘With Malice’.

Jill wakes up in hospital with no memory of the last six weeks and her leg badly broken. While on a school trip in Italy, Jill had been in a horrific accident with her best friend who didn’t make it back to the US alive. Lawyers and press swarm her. They think that the accident might not have been an accident after all – if only she could remember anything about that afternoon…

‘The Deviants’ by CJ Skuse

CJ Skuse is a total master of YA psychological thrillers and ‘The Deviants’ is her best yet – it’s completely brilliant. SO GOOD.

The Fearless Five were inseparable as children. Ella, Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane did everything together, but when Max’s older sister dies, they quickly drift apart. Only Max and Ella are still in touch, in fact, they’ve been together since they were thirteen. But when Corey begins getting bullied, the old gang come back together to wreak havoc on his bullies and take their revenge. But their secrets won’t stop bubbling to the surface – will they survive them?

‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ by Emily Barr

You definitely know about this one – we haven’t stopped talking about it for months! But it’s just too good to talk about again. And every single time we get a chance. #sorrynotsorry

Flora can’t remember anything after 10 years old. She’s now 17. She doesn’t remember jokes made by friends, things she’s said and new people she’s met, but when she kisses a boy she shouldn’t, Flora wakes up the next morning and remembers the kiss. She’s sure that he hold to key to her memories and follows him on an unforgettable trip to the Arctic.

‘This is Where It Ends’ by Marieke Nijkamp

Marieke Nijkamp’s debut took the YA world by storm last year – it’s shocking, diverse, sadly topical and impossible to look away from.

This story of a school shooting is told through four points of view and taking place during the 54 minutes when a boy takes a gun into his school and begins to shoot and hold his classmates hostage. It’s terrifying, important and so cleverly done – you can’t help but come out a little emotionally exhausted!

Tell us about your favourite YA thrillers in the comments below!

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