Derren Brown’s about to make you poop your panties at Thorpe Park

Remember last year when it was announced that Derren Brown was working with Thorpe Park to make an attraction and we lost our minds? Well now, all has been revealed!


The top secret attraction is infact a Ghost Train re-invented for the 21st century, a unique world first attraction. The Ghost Train will be housed within a warehouse that is tall enough to house nearly three double decker buses. There will be a Victorian train carriage suspended in mid air held by iron chains and you’ll enter the train via a metal bridge. Creepy right?


There will be multi-sensory surprises throughout the journey including a series of live action sequences where participants will take center stage in the story. And just like his TV shows and stage performances, Derren Brown will toy with guests’ minds and perceptions throughout the journey on board the Ghost Train until they no longer know what is real, before leaving them on a cliffhanger ending.

There’s 12 possible journeys and 2 different endings, you’re basically going to be MIND BLOWN. The attraction comes to Thorpe Park this Spring and we recommend booking tickets now because we know this ride will be the top of everyone’s list! We cannot wait to pee our pants.

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