And the winner is… 12 things from DeptCon2 that had us SCREAMING + WIN! 2 exclusive goody bags straight from the event

We went along to DeptCon2 at the weekend, and OMG you guys, it might be legit the best thing to happen to us since YALC. Literally, dying.


See what happened when we fangirled over Laini Taylor, lost our nut at the Sarah J Mass panel and found out about Holly Bourne’s movie kiss survey… AND YOU CAN WIN STUFF!

1. Mad cool location – Tivoli Theatre in Dublin. This is one wicked building; the car park is home to some of the best graffiti art in the country.

2. MERCH. One of THE BEST things about these events is getting all the swag. Gorgeous books on sale PLUS, some free goodies like ‘The Call’ and ‘All About Mia’ samplers.


3. SARAH. J. MAAS. We were breathing the SAME AIR. And she was amazing and nerdy and we want to spend a night eating Cheetos and drinking wine with her.


4. The scores of Rhysand fangirls present at Sarah’s talk was AUDIBLE. And doesn’t it just feel SO good to be with an entire theatre full of like minded ladies?


(there was always going to be at least ONE Tamlin fangirl mixed in there, right?)

5. LAINI. FREAKING. TAYLOR. was in the audience for Sarah J Maas’s talk. Like, GOOD GRIEF, how did we miss that pink hair?


Laini’s panel was also DA BOMB. She told an adorable story about a tiny cafe which was virtually empty every time she went to work in it.


Once she had finished her draft for ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’, she drove past that same cafe, and it had closed.

She said she liked to think of it as a portal where she could go to write in piece and now that she didn’t need it anymore, it had appeared elsewhere in the world for other needing writers.


6. Juno Dawson and Holly Bourne are amaaazing together. These two will legit take over the world one day. Or, at least, they totally should.

7. Estelle Maskame was on a panel with other young authors, Lucy Sutcliffe and Eilish Barrett, and talked about their publishing experiences. As it turns out, NONE of them did it the normal way.


(what is normal? Who is normal? Wat iz lyfe?)

8. Catherine Doyle’s priest experiences were funny AF. She was explaining how she had done an undergrad degree in Psychology before realising her life was heading in the wrong direction.


She went to her mother in despair, who, naturally, called the local priest to get her life on track. She’s not so sure if her career move was solely down to his questions about “what makes you tick?!”

9. We don’t like to laugh, but oh my gosh, Deidre Sullivan’s story about her anorexic guinea pig was hilarious.

10. We finally found out why Holly Bourne had that movie kiss survey way back. Remember? It’s for her NEW BOOK OMG.




And not in a good way. Good grief, they were LOOONG, but so totally worth it. It’s all part of the experience, right?



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