Emily thinks Derek Landy’s ‘Demon Road’ was ‘original and mysterious’.

If you loved the razor-sharp wit and supernatural action that made ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ the must-buy series it was, then prepare to get sucked into another Derek Landy creation: ‘Demon Road‘.

MP!er Emily applied to our YouReview and received a free copy of ‘Demon Road’ in exchange for an honest review.

EmilyName: Emily Hale

Age: 15
What first attracted you to ‘Demon Road’? I loved the look of the cover. It is very eye catching. I also loved the sound of the plot as it was original and mysterious.

Fave character? Amber. She was really interesting and had plenty of character development throughout the book.

‘Demon Road’ is quite episodic. Did you enjoy all the different stops along ‘Demon Road’ or was it a little drawn out? I found the little stops great. It kept the pace and made you want to continue reading more.

Demon RoadBetter than Skulduggery Pleasant?/If you haven’t read Skulduggery Pleasant, would you now consider it? I was recommended Skulduggery Pleasant many times by a close friend but never found the motive to pick it up. I am now fairly certain that I shall be reading them in the near future.

Excited for the next book in this killer series? Definitely! I will be awaiting its release.

Rate out of 10. I am happy to say it is a 10!

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