Amy reviews the ‘fast-paced’ ‘Demon Road’ by Derek Landy.

If you loved the razor-sharp wit and supernatural action that made ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ the must-buy series it was, then prepare to get sucked into another Derek Landy creation: ‘Demon Road‘.

MP!er Amy applied to our YouReview and received a free copy of ‘Demon Road’ in exchange for an honest review.

Name: Amy

Age: 18

Demon RoadWhat first attracted you to ‘Demon Road’? Can I just say that the cover is beautiful so that was one of the reasons but apart from that everyone talks about Derek Landy as an author so I just wanted to know more about it. The plot also seemed really exciting and interesting and something I would really enjoy and I did.

Fave character? One of my favourite characters was Glen or Milo. Glen himself was an enjoyable character and I felt like he added humour to the book. Milo, I found was mysterious and an interesting character and I loved finding out about his past. I hope we find more about him in the rest of the series.

‘Demon Road’ is quite episodic. Did you enjoy all the different stops along ‘Demon Road’ or was it a little drawn out? I did enjoy all the stops because although there were a lot of them, they made the book fast-paced and expanded the supernatural elements of the novel. It made the book like a Supernatural roadtrip and there is nothing wrong with that.

Better than Skulduggery Pleasant?/If you haven’t read Skulduggery Pleasant, would you now consider it? I haven’t read Skulduggery Pleasant but I would definitely consider it now to see how it would differ from the story and characters from Demon Road.

Excited for the next book in this killer series? Yes, I would love to see how Milo and Amber’s journey in the next book.

Rate out of 10. 9.25. It was a very interesting book with very lovable characters and a fast paced plot which was very well written but I did find it slow at times. It was however a good introduction to Landy’s work.

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