Reviewer Round Up: ‘Demon Road’ is “gritty, creepy, dark, hilarious”

Derek Landy’s latest creation is what he calls a “beast of a book”, jam-packed with grisly encounters, blood-thirsty beasts and its fair share of sarcastic humour. It’s got 4.5 stars on Amazon, 4.1 on GoodReads – but we want to know what all you bloggers out there are saying.

On our travels through the internet, we came across Amanda’s review on Nellie & Co, and the blog Once Upon A Bookish Time with Ella’s review.

Already a Skulduggery fan, Amanda began, “If I were to describe Demon Road in a few words, they’d be; gritty, creepy, dark, hilarious, enticing and enthralling – an unusual mixture if you’re not already acquainted with Derek Landy’s work, which luckily for me, I am.”

We thought those were a pretty good combination of words when you’re looking for your next fave YA horror.

Ella decided it would be better to list all the good points in her review, making it easy for us to point out bits we liked too. At the top of her list was, of course, Amber, our unlikely hero.

Amber wasn’t perfect, she could be annoying, make stupid decisions and be as exasperating as a lid of a jar that just. Won’t. Come OFF., but I think that’s why I liked her so much!  She was also brave, compassionate, smart and made an awesome demon! ;)”

Amanda felt similarly in regards to Amber, saying, “Not only was his development of Amber wonderful to read about, but his portrayal of an average looking girl in a tough, strong world was so good, and it really enabled me to relate to Amber on a personal level.”

But would they recommend the book to you? Well, Amanda shows she’s a hardcore Landy fan in her huge thumbs up for ‘Demon Road’ and anything else this author puts his hand to: “your life is not complete without Derek Landy in your life, characters, humor, world and more.”

And Ellie? “ I LOVED this book! Eeeeek where is the next one??!! Sure, I had a few problems but in the end this book is REALLY good. GO AND READ IT NOW!”

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