6 reasons why we need Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ ‘Future Now’ tour to come to the UK

So it won’t be too long until Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas storm North America on their thrilling ‘Future Now’ tour. We’re in the UK and are so jel of you lot across the pond.

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Apparently the show isn’t just any old concert, it’s going to be a life changing experience. The show is being staged to perfection and it’s even going to be scented. We’re sold. Here’s why this tour needs to come to the UK right now.

1) You get to see Nick AND Demi perform, two perf pop stars in one show


2) They’re both performing tracks from their latest albums, ‘Confident‘ and ‘Last Year Was Complicated‘ which are/will be amazing


3) It’ll be like ‘Camp Rock‘ again, minus 2 of the Jo Bros. Hopefully they’re breaking out into ‘We Rock’


4) They’re merging ‘Chains’ and ‘Confident’ together, making it the most epic show ever


5) Mike Posner is one of their support acts, we want him here too!


6) They’re planning on making it “one of the most unforgettable nights people have ever seen” and “an experience the minute you walk in the venue”


We need ‘Future Now’ to come to the UK asap. Are you catching the duo out on tour? If so, let us know what you’re most excited for about the show @maximumpop on Twitter.

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