Pop Bits: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas wrote and recorded a new song in 3 hours

Vocal powerhouse Demi Lovato confirmed that she has collaborated with Nick Jonas on a track for his new album called ‘Afterglow’.

Demi told MTV News the pair spent about two to three hours writing and recording another song for Nick’s album.

I spent three hours in bed last Saturday watching Spongebob re-runs and eating chicken nuggets. Somehow our productivity levels don’t match.

Demi said, “I came to the studio, heard his new music and was obsessed and then it just evolved into this song that we recorded together on one microphone at the same time and it was very stripped down, very acoustic.

“‘Afterglow’ is a song that’s basically about not knowing what’s going to happen but knowing that there’s feelings and just going for it anyway because you can foresee the glowing after effect of finally being together”

Isn’t that sweet? We can’t wait to hear the track now.

Demi’s also set to feature on another Nick Jonas track titled ‘Avalanche’. With Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson doing a duet album, maybe these two should run off and do the same and set up an epic chart battle?

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