Download Or Ditch: Demi Lovato- ‘Made In The USA’

There is no one who could deny that ‘Demi’ is an album that is packed to the brim with potential chart toppers.  Demi Lovato was definitely spoiled for choice when picking her sophomore single. No matter what song she chose, it would have some pretty big boots to fill, being the follow up to pop smash ‘Heart Attack’. Want to know what track Demi chose? *drum roll* It’s ‘Made in the USA’- But you probably already guessed that, after reading the headline.

‘Made in the USA’ is the perfect bop along song with just the right amount of fluffy pop beats, guitar licks  and Demi’s powerhouse vocals. It’s overflowing with catchy rhyming lyrics which makes it pretty hard not to join in. It’s a bit like the older, more mature sister to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’.

The song is undoubtedly awesome but with so many great chart ready tracks on ‘Demi’, was ‘Made In The USA’ the best choice for our favourite telly judge to release as a second single? Does it have the “X Factor” needed to increase album sales and dominate the charts not just in the USA, but worldwide?

Ultimately, the decision is down to you. Should we download or ditch ‘Made In The USA’? Voting closed!

RESULTS: Although it may be ‘Made In The USA’, it looks like it’s going to make it in the UK too with 90% of the votes. Woo hoo!

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