We can’t believe Demi Lovato did this for her fans. It could be the new ‘Carpool Karaoke’.

Demi Lovato just did the coolest things for her fans, we’re jel. Nick Jonas and Demi were touring in Denver on the ‘Future Now‘ tour and took some time to chill out. Naturally, Demi did it by spending time with fans!


She went undercover as a Lyft driver and things got wild. There’s ‘Camp Rock‘ singing, insults and shocked passengers. You need to watch the video to understand our excitement. Demi, feel free to come pick us up in a Lyft for a little ‘Camp Rock’ sing song.

How on earth did these people not recognise Demi from her face, laugh and voice?! However, we need more Undercover Lyft videos asap pls. It’s just as good as ‘Carpool Karaoke‘, we’re hooked! Now.. if only One Direction would come give us a lift.

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