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Demi Lovato just clapped back at James Corden’s major shade in the sassiest way possible

Can you just pick my mic up, bitch?

Any pop fan worth their salt knows not to mess with Demi Lovato. Not only does she have some of the strongest pipes in the business, but she also has the fierce attitude to match them. And tbh that combo is 🔥

But one foolhardy TV presenter did in fact decide to take on Miss Lovato recently and unsurprisingly he barely lived to tell the tale. If we were Demi we would have finished him without any mercy!

We’re talking about none other than ‘The Late Late Show’s’ James Corden, who mistakenly believed he could match up to Demi in a diva-off. The first rule of divadom is that NOBODY can match up to Demi in a diva-off. Everybody knows that.

Demi was set to appear on James Corden’s ‘The Late Late Show’ as a guest later in the evening, but when he made a comment that divas were better “back in the day”, she just couldn’t keep silent.

To prove that today’s divas are just as good, she brought out an acapella group and proceeded to enter into a diva riff-off/grudge-match with Corden. A fight to the death.

First, she gave us all a tuneful rendition of Adele‘s ‘Rolling in the Deep’. We have never seen such an aggressive display of singing. Then, James Corden repped the oldies with some Ike and Tina Turner ‘River Deep Mountain High’.

At this point we couldn’t help noticing how hench Demi Lovato’s arms and shoulders were looking. She has some intense guns and we would be scared if we were Corden. Just sayin’.

Things even get a bit physical at the 4:46 mark.

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After Corden has finished Demi simply says: “Wow. That was… terrible” and shuts down Corden’s sassy ‘Respect’ with a powerhouse version of Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar’.

The battle raged on until Demi finally won with her own smash hit ‘Heart Attack’, but the conclusion was that there is room for both the divas of then and the divas of now in this crazy ol’ world.

Of course, Demi and James were just doing the diva-off as a funny segment, but they actually do raise a good question. We can’t count all the times people have said to us they don’t think the divas of today are up to scratch, so let’s settle this debate once and for all with a good old fashioned vote.

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