Download Or Ditch: Demi Lovato- ‘Heart By Heart’

It’s Download Or Ditch time! That means it’s time for you to lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels and have a listen to a shiny new pop tune and help us decide whether it’s worth the hard earned pence it costs to download it.

We have decided to put Demi Lovato’s new track up for public vote in our latest Download Or Ditch poll. It’s called ‘Heart By Heart’ and is not some form of weird serial killer mathematics but in fact her new The Mortal Instruments tune.

Demi’s latest track follows a long line of cardialogical themed songs including ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Fix A Heart’ and ‘Give Your Heart A Break’, but does it live up to Demi’s high caliber of pop perfection… or does it just fall into “It’s OK for a song from a soundtrack” category.

‘Heart By Heart’ is a powerful piano ballad which is full of emotion. It starts with a delicate opening before bursting into a belter of a chorus, something that Demi does best. The track is somewhere a little bit ‘Nightingale’ but we’re not quite sure if it reaches her normal power ballad standards.

What do you think of ‘Heart By Heart’? Is it worthy of a place on an MP! playlist? Vote below and let us know your thoughts on Demi’s latest ballad. Voting is now closed.

Result: Demi’s new Mortal Instruments track has won a special place in your heart, and this Download Or Ditch, with 84.62% of the vote. 

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