Here’s why Harmonizers think that Demi Lovato is the only one who can save Fifth Harmony

What a week it’s been to be a member of Fifth Harmony… and it’s only Wednesday! Their future seems so uncertain right now and it’s making us so sad. First we had the band’s statement and then Camila’s which followed. We’ve also heard  that leaked audio of a conversation between Lauren and Ally explaining that the girls were treated like “literal slaves”. When will it end?

Today, ‘#DemiSave5HSafehouse’ has been trending on Twitter in attempt to reach out to Demi Lovato, hoping she will be able to sort it all out. SUPERDEMI TO THE RESCUE! She is a warrior, so why not a superhero?

The tweets have been coming from Harmonizers since ‘The X Factor USA’, where Demi was a judge and mentor. They’re asking her to speak out for the girls and to also sign them under her label, Safehouse Records, which she started with Nick Jonas.

We really hope Demi will see it and be able to intervene. The drama has gone waaaaay too far now and we just want it all to stop. But will she be able to do anything? If it is a management problem, they will be contracted to stay with that management for quite a long time. Some contracts even last 5-10 years. Hopefully this will be Demi after she reads the tweets today.

Do you think Demi will step in and save the band? Let us know in the comments below!

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