Demi Lovato performed her new single last night and you won’t believe her next reinvention

Demi Lovato performed her new single ‘Body Say’ for the first time on the Future Now Tour and it’s a complete change of direction for her.


Remember when Demi first broke onto the scene with her rockier sound on songs like ‘This Is Me’?

It doesn’t sound like that.

Remember when she slowed things down and gave us pure, raw emotion on ‘Skyscraper’?

She’s not doing that here.

Or do you remember when she went poppier on the amazing ‘Give Your Heart A Break’?

And then got even poppier on her Cher Lloyd collab ‘Really Don’t Care’?

Yeah, ‘Body Say’ sounds nothing like any of these songs.

Instead, she’s not experimenting with a more sultry sound on ‘Body Say’. Rather than anything she’s done before, it’s more similar to Selena Gomez’s ‘Good For You’ or Nick Jonas’ ‘Close’.

The track is apparently coming out tomorrow, which is properly exciting.

Listen to the full thing below:

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