Demi Lovato reveals Barney crush. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Ever get that “butterflies in your stomach” feeling when your giant purple dinosaur crush sits in front of you in class? No, us neither! But Demi Lovato sure did!

We know Barney had saved Demi’s life and that Demi did reach super stardom thanks to everyone’s favourite dinosaur but we think crushing on him is a bit extreme, Demz!

Demi revealed in an interview with The Guardian, in a very roundabout and confusing way, that she had a little crush on Barney when she was little- not exactly him but the guy in the suit.

The ‘Made in The USA’ songstress told the paper: “if Barney was fake – and I’m not confirming or denying that, and I’m not suggesting that I may have had to sign a confidentiality agreement saying I’d never say he wasn’t real – I would imagine him to be very attractive. Because he’d have to be a muscular guy to carry that suit. And he’d happen to also have a really good-looking face. And he may or may not have been my crush when I was growing up working on that show”.

Hmmm, this has made us very curious as to who the man behind the dinosaur really is! How about a Barney the dinosaur “Daily Nipple Pic”? POP BITS OUT.


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