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Demi getting slimed at the KCAs is the best reaction meme you never knew you needed


What’s the best part of Nickelodeon’s KCAs? Other than seeing our faves like Little Mix and Camila Cabello perform? It’s the slime. Green, gelatinous goo. Just imagine the nightmare these celebs must have getting it out of their hair, their ears, their nostrils.

Demi Lovato getting dunked in the gunk is probably one of our all time favourites. So we turned it into a gif, and now it’s become the best meme ever. Trust.

It captures the perfect balance between OMG SICKENING and OMFGICANTBELIEVEITSNOTBUTTER! It’s the ultimate slap in the face. The creme de la creme of clapbacks. That moment when…

1. When you hear that Zoella’s not on the internet for 24 hours.

2. When 1D say their not coming back off hiatus.

3. When the fandom unanimously rejects your OTP.

Zoella is REFUSING to go on the internet and people don’t know what to do anymore

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4. When you’re feeling ill but your mum makes you go to school anyway.

5. When you try to copy JoJo Siwa’s style.. and it just ain’t the same.

6. When that Twitter troll has their words blow up in their face.

7. When you go viral. Literally!

8. When you’re a little bit of a worrier and someone sneezes on the bus, you imagine it like…

9. When you finally summon the courage to talk to bae, but you have legit snot bubble drama.

Now it’s time to save your fave stars from getting a sliming like Demi, poor old thing. We will be sliming the star with the least votes on 27th March when this poll closes so make sure you click like mad to save your fave’s beautiful, sheeny hair from green gunge.

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Zoella is REFUSING to go on the internet and people don’t know what to do anymore

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