Amazing Album Alert: Demi Lovato – ‘Demi (Deluxe)’. We guide you through 7 brand new tracks!

It’s that time of year again. That magical period just before crimbo when all the pop stars in the land release brand new albums or – just to be extra generous – repackage current albums and cram a few extra tunes in for good measure. It’s pretty much our fave thing about Christmas apart from wearing dodgy festive jumpers and accidentally eating too many selection boxes.

With this in mind, Queen Demi of Lovato is back with the deluxe version of her fab ‘Demi’ album and, as if mega hits like ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Neon Lights’ weren’t enough, she’s gone and jammed in a whole new bunch of aural delights to keep us going ’til New Year. So lets get stuck in, shall we?


Up (with Olly Murs)

Ok technically this is an Olly Murs track featuring Demi (currently to be found on the X Factor runner up’s new LP) but for now we’re deeming it a full blown Lovato affair. Soz, Murs. It’s rather lovely actually, like Mumford & Sons with a dash of One Republic as lilting folk guitars bounce atop a stomping beat. Olly and Demi’s voices sound totally lush together by the way, but then that shouldn’t come as a surprise really.

I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me

SAD FACE ALERT. If there’s one thing that’s for certain, its Ms. Lovato packs an incredible set of pipes that are perfectly designed for histrionic balladry and the like. 2011’s ‘Skyscraper’ will probably be her peak, but the tear stained ‘I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me’ comes a pretty close second. We’ve been banging on about our ‘wintry ballads’ playlist for some time now, and we reckon this tune will fit right in along with a bumper box of Kleenex. *sob*

Let It Go

Yes, THAT ‘Let It Go’. No, wait, come back! Ok, everybody and their cat has probably heard Idina Menzel’s now iconic version a million times over and then some, but Demi’s version is well worth your listening time too. Originally tagged on the end of the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack, it was unfairly slept on by the general public but packs a hefty punch, incorporating more teen angst to the proceedings and giving it a shiny power pop edge that only Demi can. *whisper it* We may even prefer this to the Idina’s recording. *gasp*

Give Me Love (Live at Capital FM)

We all know Demi can’t get enough of Ed Sheeran these days – and MP! is STILL waiting for that much needed collab’ – so when she decided to pay homage to the almighty ginger one earlier this year by covering one of his signature songs, we got all warm and fuzzy inside. Demi takes the yearning ‘Give Me Love’ and infuses it with all the pain and drama of the Ed’s version and somehow manages to make it sound even more heartbreaking than usual. HOW DO YOU DO THIS TO US DEMI?

Nightingale (Live) 

One of the highlights amongst the slowies on the album, Demi blows us away with her immense talent once again as she effortlessly croons her way through this tender ballad from her recent ‘Neon Lights’ tour. Can she just basically come and sing us to sleep every night? Cheers.

Really Don’t Care (Live)

In case you were wondering at all, THIS SONG IS STILL ABSOLUTELY BALLS OUT INCREDIBLE. Ahem. Despite the lack of a certain Ms. Cher Lloyd on hand to help out with this live version, it’s still a total belter from start to finish. In fact, crowd noises only make us want to jump up and down even more to and imagine we’re right there with her.

And there you have it! Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that you’d rather fancy a copy of Demi’s new opus for your Christmas stocking this year, you’re in luck! We’re giving away 5 – yes, 5! – copies of the deluxe edition to our lovely readers, so why not enter and see if you can nab one for yourself? You know you want to…

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